Grass Valley Growers is currently comprised of ten farms, nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, in Nevada County CA. For decades we have been up here building community or crafting our local flavor of community, culture, and industry and now we’re excited to bring the fruits of that love and labor to the wider marketplace. 

Our ethos is centered around organic, sustainable, and regenerative farming methods that seek to support and revitalize the ecosystems our gardens are part of. We use only organic inputs, and encourage our farms to generate their own composts and amendments. Like mycelium running, we hope that as our organization grows that it feeds the community that has supported us for so long. 


Our farms currently cultivate over 70k sq. ft of canopy. We are the OG Legacy Farmers and the New Guard. With over two centuries of collective experience and no shortage of passion, we bring the best of what we have to offer to the consumer. You can rest assured that the flower you find in our jars is the same that we smoke on our farma. As cannasseurs and farmers, we seek to cultivate the best flower in the world. 

It’s been a long road to legalization in Nevada County, and our members have been there every step of the way—from early attempts to limit cultivation, to the Proposition W campaign that sought to ban Cannabis farming in the county. We won that fight but prohibition continues to a large degree, and as active members of the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance we will continue to fight for the small family farm.

Our members are actively involved with several community organizations, including South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL), California Heritage Indigenous Research Project (CHIRP), North San Juan Community Library, San Juan Ridge Taxpayers Association, San Juan Ridge Business Association… (and more)

Since we donate a portion of profits back to the community, you will be supporting these community efforts and more with every purchase of GVG product. We look forward to providing you some of the most ethical and delicious cannabis in the state. Grass Valley Growers… from our hands to yours.  




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